Fahrenhype 9/11






Release Date

October 05, 2004

DVD Release

October 25, 2005






Alan Peterson


America is asking if Fahrenheit 9/11 is a healthy dose of dissent, or shameful cowardice. If Moore really believes what he says, or if it's all about the money. Fahrenhype 9/11 plunges a big needle deep into Moore's methods and answers these questions, drawing both blood and bile. See how America has been lied to about the cause of 9/11. Lied to about the truth of Islamic fascism. Lied to about how best to make America safe.

Edition Details Cast
Jason ClarkeHimself
Dick MorrisHimself
Edward I. KochHimself
Steve EmersonHimself
Frank GaffneyHimself
Dave KopelHimself
Peter DamonHimself
George BushHimself
Laura BushHerself
Rosalynn CarterHerself
Mike CawleyHimself
Steven EmersonHimself
Logan GregoryHimself
Julie HansonHerself
Uday HusseinHimself
John F. KennedyHimself
Peter KingHimself
Arthur LevittHimself
Samantha MadsenHerself
Ralph NaderHimself
Ed SappHimself
Monty SmithHimself
Paul WolfowitzHimself
Al GoreHimself
Zell MillerHimself
Ann CoulterHerself
David FrumHimself
David HardyHimself
Bill SammonHimself
John AshcroftHimself
George W. BushHimself
Jimmy CarterHimself
James W. CawleyHimself
Glenn ChastainHimself
Vicente FoxHimself
James HaddockHimself
Saddam HusseinHimself
William KennardHimself
Andy KenyonHimself
Osama bin LadenHimself
Paul MacNamaraHimself
Thomas Mack McLartyHimself
Ronald ReaganHimself
Ron SilverHimself/Narrator
Gwen Tose-RigellHerself
Bill ClintonHimself
Michael MooreHimself