Fantasia Anthology (3-Disc Collector's Edition), The




Dolby Digital 5.0, DTS 5.1





Walt Disney Home Video

Release Date

DVD Release

November 14, 2000








Norman Ferguson


Edition Details Cast
Color, DTS Surround Sound
  Commentary by Roy E. Disney, Conductor James Levine, Animated Historian John Canemaker, Scott MacQueen (Manager of film Restoration,Walt Disney Studios)
  Disc One: Fantasia
  Restored and Remastered
  Rare Archival Interviews with Walt Disney - spanning 3 Decades
  "The Making of Fantasia" Featurette
  Disc Two: Fantasia 2000
  Digital-To-Digital Transfer
  Audio Commentaries by Roy E. Disney, Conductor James Levine and Producer Don Ernst
  Audio Commentaries by Segment Directors and Art Directors
  Academy Award-Winning Animated Short, 'Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom'
  Animated Short 'Melody'
  Showcase Program - Specially Programmed DVD Offering Highlights From Each Segment
  'The Making Of Fantasia 2000' Featurette
  Special Commemorative Booklet On The Art, Music, and Filmmaking Technology of Fantasia 2000
  Disc 3: Fantasia Legacy
  Fantasia Supplemental
  In-Depth Exploration Of Segments, Including Storyboards, Concept Art And
  Character Designs
  Special Effects Of Fantasia
  Still Frame Galleries: The Art of Fantasia
  Publicity Material (Trailers/Posters)
  Pencil Tests of Unused Animation
  Exclusive Walt Disney Segments on Tricks of the Trade, The Plausible Impossible and The Story of the Animated Drawing
  Biographies of the Filmmakers
  Historical Context of Each Musical Piece
  'The Fantasia That Never Was' Reconstructed Full Animation And Story Reels (With Music) of Abandoned Ideas for: 'Claire de Lune,' 'The Ride of the Valkyries,' 'The Swan of Tuonela,' 'Adventures in a Perambulator,' and 'Invitation to The Waltz'
  Still Frame Art - 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee', 'Mosquito,' and 'Baby Ballet'
  Clair de Lune Animated Segment
  Behind The Scenes Look at Each Segment
  Includes Interviews With the Filmmakers, CGI, Animation Tests
  Storyboards, Concept Art, and Character Designs
  Production Progression Demonstrations
  Deleted Animation
  Alternate Versions
  Abandoned Concepts
  Publicity Material (Trailers/Posters)
  Historical Context of Each Musical Piece
Leopold StokowskiHimself (Conductor, The Philadelphia Orchestra)
Deems TaylorHimself (Narrator)
Walt DisneyMickey Mouse (segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice")
Hugh DouglasHimself (Narrator: 1982 re-release)
James MacDonaldHimself/Percussionist
Paul J. SmithHimself/Violinist
Corey BurtonNarrator: Deems Taylor overdubs (2000 restoration)
Julietta NovisSoloist (segment "Ave Maria")
Thurl RavenscroftThe Mellomen, singing group
Bill ThompsonOwl
Leopold StokowskiConductor (segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice")
Ralph GriersonPianist (segment "Rhapsody in Blue")
Kathleen BattleFeature Soprano (segment "Pomp and Circumstance")
Steve MartinHost (Film Introduction)
Itzhak PerlmanHost (segment "Pines of Rome")
Quincy JonesHost (segment "Rhapsody in Blue")
Bette MidlerHostess (segment "Piano Concerto No. 2, Allegro, Opus 102")
James Earl JonesHost (segment "Carnival of the Animals")
Penn JilletteHimself
TellerHost (segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice")
James LevineHost (segment "Pomp and Circumstance"), Conductor (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
Angela LansburyHostess (segment "Firebird Suite - 1919 Version")
Wayne AllwineMickey Mouse (segment "Pomp and Circumstance")
Tony AnselmoDonald Duck (segment "Pomp and Circumstance")
Russi TaylorDaisy Duck (segment "Pomp and Circumstance")
Eric GoldbergAnimator (segment "Carnival of the Animals")
Deems TaylorHost (segment "Fantasia Introduction")
Gaëtan BrizziAnimator
Paul BrizziAnimator
Yefim BronfmanPianist (segment "Piano Concerto No. 2, Allegro, Opus 102")
Hendel ButoyAnimator