American Psycho (Unrated Version)




English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French






Universal Studios

Release Date

April 14, 2000

DVD Release

September 5, 2000







Mary Harron


Patrick Bateman is a homicidal maniac working on the New York stock exchange. His reasons for killing are debatable, such as extreme envy of fellow co-workers, material obsession, pure hatred or simply no other reason than complete insanity. His lunacy escalates throughout the film, killing at least 20 people in the process, including models, homeless people, co-workers, friends, and anyone else who stands in his way, be it rage, jealousy, or something else. The only person who he seems to sympathise with is his secretary, Jean, who eventually he can't help but have a desire to murder her. Many times, Patrick can't tell whether these events are real, or simply part of a psychotic delusion brought on by his problems.

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Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
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Christian BalePatrick Bateman
Justin TherouxTimothy Price
Josh LucasCraig McDermott
Bill SageDavid Van Patten
Chloë SevignyJean
Reese WitherspoonEvelyn Williams
Samantha MathisCourtney Rawlinson
Matt RossLuis Carruthers
Jared LetoPaul Allen
Willem DafoeDonald Kimball
Cara SeymourChristie
Guinevere TurnerElizabeth
Stephen BogaertHarold Carnes
Monika MeierDaisy
Reg E. CatheyHomeless Man
Blair WilliamsWaiter #1
Marie DameVictoria
Kelley HarronBargirl
Patricia GageMrs. Wolfe
Krista SuttonSabrina
Landy CannonMan at Pierce & Pierce
Park BenchStash
Catherine BlackVanden
Margaret MaDry Cleaner Woman
Tufford KennedyHamilton
Mark PawsonHumphrey Rhineback
Jessica LauFacialist
Lilette WiensMaitre Dí
Glen Marc SilotWaiter
Charlotte HunterLibby
Kiki ButtignolCaron
Joyce R. KorbinWoman at ATM
Reuben ThompsonWaiter #2
Bryan RenfroNight Watchman
Ross GibbyMan Outside Store
Christina McKayYoung Woman
Alan McCulloughMan in Stall
Anthony LemkeMarcus Halberstram
Connie ChenGwendolyn Ichiban
Ronald ReaganHimself (speech on Iran-Contra scandal)
Somaya ReeceBar Girl