Little Children









New Line Home Video

Release Date

November 03, 2006

DVD Release

May 1, 2007







Todd Field


Echoes of "Madame Bovary" in the American suburbs. Sarah's in a loveless marriage, long days with her young daughter at the park and the pool, wanting more. Brad is a househusband, married to a flinty documentary filmmaker. Ronnie is just out of prison - two years for indecent exposure - living with his mother; Larry is a retired cop, fixated on driving Ronnie away. Sarah and Brad connect, a respite of adult companionship at the pool. Ronnie and Larry have their demons. Brad should be studying for the bar; Larry misses his job; Ronnie's mom thinks he needs a girlfriend. Sarah longs to refuse to be trapped in an unhappy life. Where can these tangled paths lead? Written by {}

Edition Details Cast
Kate WinsletSarah Pierce
Patrick WilsonBrad Adamson
Jennifer ConnellyKathy Adamson
Sadie GoldsteinLucy Pierce
Jackie Earle HaleyRonnie J. McGorvey
Gregg EdelmanRichard Pierce
Noah EmmerichLarry Hedges
Phyllis SomervilleMay McGorvey
Catherine WolfMarjorie
Trini AlvaradoTheresa
Jane AdamsSheila
Sarah BuxtonSlutty Kay
Anna AudiaIsabella
Hunter ReidChristian
Phil McGlastonDewayne Rogers
Adam MucciRichie Murphy
Rebecca SchullLaurel
Lola PashalinskiBridget
David ColeSkateboarder #2
Erica BergRichard's Secretary
Christopher Nicholas SmithSteak House Waiter
Tom PerrottaSmall Man
Sandra BerriosKind Woman in Hospital
Myra TurleyICU Nurse
Paul MottBoy in Kathy's Documentary
Beatrice RigaudConcerned Mom at Pool #1
Jillian LindigConcerned Mom at Pool #3
Casper Andreas2nd Policeman at Pool
Brooke FazioSnack Girl
Ken TiradoBartender
Cody RubensteinChild at Steakhouse
Bruce Lee GrossRay from Next Door
Michael DieselPolice Officer at McGorvey's
Conrad CorralSlutty Kay Fan Club Member
Patricia A. GangemiConcerned Parent #1
Mark A. PierceSlutty Kay Fan Club Member
Clare F. MitchellConcerned Parent #4
Darrell GeerSlutty Kay Fan Club Member
Marshall LefcourtSlutty Kay Fan Club Member
Mike GanimBackground Football Player
Daniel FallaSkateboarder
Tugman TookmanlianSkateboarder
Ty SimpkinsAaron Adamson
Jackie Earle HaleyRonnie J. McGorvey
Helen CareyJean
Mary B. McCannMary Ann
Marsha DietleinCheryl
Raymond J. BarryBullhorn Bob
Thomas GreaneyTroy
Celestial HakimCourtney
Chadwick BrownTony Correnti
Bruce KirkpatrickBart Williams
Chance KellyPete Olafson
Crystal FieldJosephine
Walker Ryan"G"
Weston ElrodSkateboarder #3
Leo TrombettaFrank
Adam SietzLarge Man
Stan CarpCabbie
Ivar BroggerICU Counselor
David RowdenTow Yard Attendant
Margaret PaceEMT
Mary GogginConcerned Mom at Pool #2
William Harvey1st Policeman at Pool
Matt GarifoLifeguard
Monica DobsonWading Pool Mom
Carlie LaPortaChild at Steakhouse
Joe GuestTed from Richard's Office
Patrick LarkinAuditor Team Captain
Jennifer RainvilleReporter
Gary Anthony RamsayOff-Screen Anchor
Cynthia L. WieseConcerned Parent #2
Loren WieseConcerned Parent #3
Leon VitaliOddly Familiar Man
Gil Ira HayesSlutty Kay Fan Club Member
John BegleyBackground Football Player
Travis KoestlerSkateboarder
Luis TolentinoSkateboarder
Will LymanNarrator