New World, The




English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)






New Line Home Video

Release Date

January 20, 2006

DVD Release

May 9, 2006







Terrence Malick


When 17th century explorer John Smith and a few men go up the river to trade with the Indians, he befriends the princess Pocahontas and they fall in love. While in love, Smith must obtain his duties as president of Jamestown fort and challenges to himself what is the better path for himself to take: stay with the fallen apart colony or go up the river and love Pocahontas in the wild. The Indians realize that the English do not mean to leave, so they attack. A few men at the fort decide to capture Pocahontas as a hostage so the Indians will not attack them. Smith is ordered to leave Jamestown by the King, and John Rolfe, a wealthy tobacco planter arrives at the fort. Pocahontas, now living there adapts to the English cultures and falls in love with Rolfe. She falls apart deciding who she is dedicated to, Smith or Rolfe. Written by Real_Country_Dark

Edition Details Cast
  • Available Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
  • "Making The New World" (60 min. documentary)
  • Colin FarrellCaptain Smith
    Q'Orianka KilcherPocahontas
    Christian BaleJohn Rolfe
    Wes StudiOpechancanough
    David ThewlisWingfield
    Christopher PlummerCaptain Newport
    David ThewlisWingfield
    Raoul TrujilloTomocomo
    Kalani QueypoParahunt
    Noah TaylorSelway
    Ben ChaplinRobinson
    Janine DuvitskiMary
    Joe InscoeAckley
    John SavageSavage
    Alex RicePatowomeck's Wife
    Ford FlannaganWinthrop
    Billy MerastyKiskiak
    Alexandra W.B. MalickQueen Anne
    Myrton Running WolfTockwhogh
    Jonathan GonitelThomas - 4 Yrs
    Chris NelsonChris
    Will WallaceWilliam Sentry
    Rulan TangenTwo Moons
    Todd WallaceSailor
    Nive NielsenInuit Woman
    Thomas Steven McDonaghCabin Boy 2
    Gary SundownMessenger
    Sam StevensonYoung Lady
    Raynor ScheineRaynor
    Matthew YeungShaman
    Arturo AdrianCore Warrior
    Jeremy ArvisoCore Warrior
    Brian FrejoCore Warrior
    Wewhum FulwiderCore Warrior
    Lyle KochampCore Warrior
    Anthony ParkerCore Warrior
    Damien RitterCore Warrior
    Lawrence SantiagoCore Warrior
    Timothy SmithColonist
    Jason Aaron BacaParker
    Joey CabreraZone 2 Warrior
    Greg CooperBoatman
    John GhalyEnglish Soldier
    Henry JaderlundLeaf Garlanded Man/Warrior
    Kainoa KilcherIndian
    Chris NelsonSailor Chris
    Josh PadgettJoshua
    Trevor PayneEnglish Gentleman
    Roger ReesVirginia Company Representative
    Adam Russell StuartGreyhound
    Gayle YiotisClanmother
    August SchellenbergPowhatan
    Yorick van WageningenCaptain Argall
    Michael GreyeyesRupwew
    Ben MendelsohnBen
    Brian F. O'ByrneLewes
    Jamie HarrisEmery
    Eddie MarsanEddie
    Jake CurranJames
    Thomas ClairPatawomeck
    Irene BedardPocahontas' Mother
    Bev AppletonSmall
    Jonathan PryceKing James
    Jasper BrittonLaureate
    E. Danny MurphyBosun
    Brian MerrickAssailant
    Colin CoxCox
    Steven DawnGoldsmith
    Jesse BorregoPepaschicher
    Kirk AcevedoSentry
    Tayla KeanCabin Boy 1
    James McDonaghCabin Boy 3
    Michael GoodwinHelmsman
    Maria PastelRosalind
    Jeremy RadinJeremy
    Gregory LabenzSentry 2
    Bear AllisonCore Warrior
    Thosh CollinsCore Warrior
    Marcus FrejoCore Warrior
    Quetzal GuerreroCore Warrior
    Alex MerazCore Warrior
    Larry T. PourierCore Warrior
    Cory RodriguezCore Warrior
    Zades TrujilloCore Warrior
    Chad O. Allen1st Wave Colonist
    Blake BessYoung Warrior
    Ilram ChoiNative American
    Martin Nigel DaveyLondon Gentleman
    John EstebanColonist
    Nick MeaneyVoice over
    Fred OrtizPowhatan Warrior
    John PaganoBritish Soldier
    Melanie ReeseExtra
    Jeremy WadeJeremy