Orgazmo (Unrated Special Edition)









Release Date

October 23, 1998

DVD Release

March 29, 2005






Matt Stone


Joe Young was a simple young man trying to spread the word of the Book of Mormon when he picked the wrong house to preach at! The owner, a porn director named Maxxx Orbison, tells his henchmen to kill the guy at the door who interrupted their scene, but Joe fights off the guards with great skill, which impresses Maxxx so much that he offers Joe the lead role in the movie he's making at the moment: Orgazmo, which is about a sex superhero who fights crime with his Orgazmorator and ChodaBoy, his sidekick. Joe, against his beliefs, takes the job so that he can pay for the wedding he plans for he and his fiancee, who he doesn't tell about his risque new acting job. However, when the movie becomes an amazing hit just about everywhere and he finds out that Ben (ChodaBoy) has created a real Orgazmorator, Joe is in some serious hot water!

Edition Details Cast
Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
Trey ParkerJoe Young/Orgazmo
Dian BacharBen Chapelski/Choda Boy
Robyn Lynne RaabLisa
Michael Dean JacobsMaxxx Orbison
Ron JeremyClark
Andrew KemlerRodgers
David DunnA-Cup
Matt StoneDave the Lighting Guy
Toddy WaltersGeorgi
Chasey LainCandi
Juli AshtonSaffi
Masao MakiG-Fresh
Joseph ArsenaultJimmy the Fish
Jeff SchubertTommy the Shark
Desi SinghRandy the Guppy
Stanley G. SawickiElder Robert White
Jacobus RoseHomeowner
Susan TimlakeHousewife
Louise RapportOld Lady
Ken MerckxOriginal Orgazmo
Kristen AnackerCostumer
Buff GreySecurity Guard
Cathy FitzpatrickDVDA Porn Actress
Marcus VaughnWhite Stunt Cock
Joseph MooreBlack Stunt Cock
Anna KazukiNasuko
Yumiko KumashiroHaruko
Jeffrey BowmanPorn Actor
The Fat Lady StripperT-Rex
Shayla LaVeauxGreek Porno Actress
John MarloSancho
Tim LakePorno Film Crew
Anthony MindelPorno Film Crew
Jason McHughPorno Film Crew
Jerald A. Greenfield2nd Film Crew
Ron Hall2nd Film Crew
JamshidBen's Father
Robert LansingYoung Ben
Thom KlohnVideo Store Clerk
Lloyd KaufmanDoctor
Jill KellyNurse
James Pierre CometeYoung Boy
Erin AlainOrgazmo Woman #1
Liane AdamoOrgazmo Woman #2/Orgazmo Old Lady
Horrac VandegeldenCop
Eric StoughArrestee
Miyu NatsukiG-Fresh's Daughter
Mao AsamiG-Fresh's Daughter
Stephen MonasKaraoke Guy
Max HardcoreAward Show Presenter
Christi LakeSpecial Appearance
Jeanna FineSpecial Appearance
Davia ArdellSpecial Appearance
Jacklyn LickSpecial Appearance
Ruby DiamondSpecial Appearance
Melissa HillSpecial Appearance
SerenitySpecial Appearance
Melissa MonetSpecial Appearance
Peter R. RomeroSpecial Appearance
Warren NorthwoodSpecial Appearance
BaroccaSpecial Appearance
Ben Patrick JohnsonInterviewer
Donnie WardJesus
Chris BorkovecCop