Superman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)




English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)






Warner Home Video

Release Date

June 28, 2006

DVD Release

November 28, 2006







Bryan Singer


After eliminating General Zod & the other Kryptonian arch-villains, Ursa & Non, Superman leaves Earth to try to find his former home world of Krypton after astronomers have supposedly found it. When he finds nothing but remnants, he returns home to Earth - to find out that Lois Lane is engaged to a relative of his boss, and that Lex Luthor is at it again - after swindling an elderly, terminally ill woman. The psychopathic Luthor, whose plans to destroy California failed because of Superman's heroics, vows vengeance against the Man of Steel and contrives a new sinister plot - using the crystals of Krypton to build a continent that will wipe out most of North America! Embedded in the continent's structure is Kryptonite - the lethal substance that is Superman's only weakness. Upon learning of Luthro's sinister scheme, Superman must again race against time to stop the psychopathic Luthor before millions - possibly billions - are killed.

Edition Details Cast
  • Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • "Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns": a comprehensive 3-hour documentary including:
  • -Secret Origins and First Issues: Crystallizing Superman
  • -The Crystal Method: Designing Superman
  • -An Affinity for Beachfront Property: Shooting Superman (Superman on the Farm, Superman in the City, Superman in Peril)
  • -The Joy of Lex: Menacing Superman
  • -He's Always Around: Wrapping Superman
  • Resurrecting Jor-El
  • Deleted scenes: The Date, Family Photos, Crash Landing/X-Ray Vision, Old Newspapers, Are You Two Dating?, Martinis and Wigs, I'm Always Right, Jimmy the Lush, Language Barrier, Crystal Feet, New Krypton
  • Easter egg: "Wrong!"
  • Theatrical and video game trailers
  • TM & (c) DC Comics
  • Brandon RouthClark Kent/Superman
    Kate BosworthLois Lane
    Kevin SpaceyLex Luthor
    Parker PoseyKitty Kowalski
    Frank LangellaPerry White
    James MarsdenRichard White
    Sam HuntingtonJimmy Olsen
    Marlon BrandoJor-El
    David FabrizioBrutus
    Ian RobertsRiley
    Jack LarsonBo the Bartender
    James KarenBen Hubbard
    Peta WilsonBobbie-Faye
    Barbara AngellPolly
    Ansuya NathanShuttle Pilot
    Richard BransonShuttle Engineer
    Bill YoungMission Control Flight Director
    Patricia HowsonMuseum Guard
    Mirren LeeVanderworth Relative #1
    Raelee HillHospital Nurse
    Michael DugganDoctor #2
    Karina BrackenHospital Ward Nurse
    Julian PulvermacherGerman Anchor
    Ted MaynardNews Anchor
    Ed WightmanNews Anchor #2
    Paul ShedlowichNews Anchor #4
    Francine BellNews Anchor #6
    Genevieve DavisReporter at Deli
    Terrell DixonHospital Policeman
    Rob FlanaganBank Gunner
    Kevin FisherSecurity Guard #1
    Henry BrowneTaxi Driver
    Michael DoughertyStudent #1 at Metropolis Museum
    Darren K. HawkinsMetropolis Citizen
    Jennifer ScioleEMT
    Frank LangellaPerry White
    Eva Marie SaintMartha Kent
    Kal PennStanford
    Tristan Lake LeabuJason White
    Vincent StoneGrant
    Noel NeillGertrude Vanderworth
    Stephan Bender15-Year-Old Clark
    Jeff TrumanGil
    Ian BlissShuttle Commander
    Warwick Young777 Co-Pilot
    Bradd Buckley777 Navigator
    David WebbMission Control Officer
    Thomas StewartMission Control Navigator
    Steve OstrowVanderworth Relative #2
    Lee JamesDoctor #1
    Hank RobertsVanderworth Relative #3
    Frederique FoucheFrench News Anchor
    Rebecca BarrattGerman Reporter
    Keegan JoyceBoy with Camera
    Prue LewarneNews Anchor #3
    Barry QuinNews Anchor #5
    Penelope HeathSydney Reporter
    Robert Meyer BurnettCape Canaveral Reporter
    John LucantonioSecurity Guard #2
    Darin RossiHome Plate Umpire
    Phillip HenryPolice Sharp Shooter
    Andrew ColeMetropolis Museum Patron
    Dan HarrisStudent #2 at Metropolis Museum
    Bobby RoeRavens Baseball Player
    Gerry SontJournalist