Batman - The Complete 1943 Movie Serial Collection








Columbia Tristar Hom

Release Date

April 15, 1943

DVD Release

October 18, 2005






Lambert Hillyer


In his first screen appearance, the Caped Crusader of Gotham City (belying the lethargic facade of his alter ego Bruce Wayne) battles Dr. Daka, Japanese mastermind of a wartime espionage-sabotage group. Daka has a radium-powered death ray that pulverizes walls, a classic alligator pit to dispose of enemies, and can turn men into electronic zombies who do his bidding and transmit video signals to Daka's lab! Batman has no Batmobile, but there are bats in the Bat Cave...

Edition Details Cast
Black & White
  Number of discs: 2
Lewis WilsonBatman/Bruce Wayne
Douglas CroftRobin/Richard 'Dick' Grayson
J. Carrol NaishDr. Tito Daka
Shirley PattersonLinda Page
Dick CurtisAgent Croft of Section 50 [Chs. 10-11]
Lester DorrHenchman Lawson [Chs. 10-11]
Kenne DuncanFred, the Mechanic [Chs. 5-6]
Robert FiskeHenchman Foster [Chs. 1-4]
Sam FlintDr. G. H. Borden [Ch. 1]
Jerry FrankCave of Horrors Thug
Terry FrostMale nurse [Ch. 7]
Gus GlassmireMartin Warren
Karl HackettWallace
Earle HodginsJoe, the Cave of Horrors Barker
Frank AustinHotel Desk Clerk [Ch. 2]
William AustinAlfred Beagle
Mauritz HugoDoctor [Ch. 3]
Jack IngramHenchman Klein [Chs. 5-14]
Warren JacksonBernie, Owner of Sphinx Club
I. Stanford JolleyHenchman Brett [Chs. 2-5]
Eddie KaneJ. Hanson, Bail Bondsman [Ch. 11]
George J. LewisHenchman Burke [Chs. 5-14]
Tom LondonHenchman Andrews [Chs. 8-14]
George MagrillHenchman at Sphinx Club [Ch. 9]
Knox ManningNarrator
John MaxwellSam Fletcher
Charles MiddletonKen Colton [Chs. 6-9]
Pat O'MalleyPoliceman [Chs. 6, 15]
Ted OliverMarshall
Bud OsborneBrown, Zombie [Chs. 14-15]
Gary OwensNarrator (1966 re-release)
Stanley PriceHenchman Driver [Chs. 1-2]
Frank ShannonDr. Hayden [Ch. 1]
Michael VallonPreston
Anthony WardeHenchman Stone [Chs. 2-4]
Charles C. WilsonPolice Captain Arnold
Lynton BrentJim Bramwell, Mechanic [Chs. 5-6]
George ChesebroHenchman Brennan [Chs. 1-5]