Big Momma's House (Special Edition)



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20th Century Fox

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DVD Release

March 6, 2001








FBI agent Malcolm Turner is known best for being a brilliant, master of disguise. Malcolm's latest assignment sends him to small-town Georgia, where he's assigned to trap a brutal bank robber (and a recent prison escapee) who they suspect will be coming down to visit his ex-girlfriend Sherry and her son. Malcolm sets up a stakeout across from the home of a larger-than-life southern matriarch known as Big Momma, who's about to be visited by Sherry. It's a simple plan, but there's one big problem: Unbeknownst to Sherry, Big Momma has unexpectedly left town. So Malcolm, decides to impersonate the cantankerous Southern granny. Using a few tricks of disguise, he completely transforms himself into Big Momma, even taking on the corpulent septuagenarian's everyday routine-from cooking soul food to delivering babies to "testifying" at the local church. In the mean time, Malcolm starts falling for Sherry, who may or may not be hiding some stolen cash. Now, Malcolm/Big Momma must somehow find a way to nab his criminal and the girl.

Edition Details Cast
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  • Martin LawrenceMalcolm Turner
    Paul GiamattiJohn
    Terrence HowardLester Vesco
    Anthony AndersonNolan
    Octavia SpencerTwila
    Nia LongSherry Pierce
    Ella MitchellHattie Mae Pierce (Big Momma)
    Phyllis ApplegateSadie
    Jessie Mae HolmesMiss Other Patterson
    Octavia SpencerTwila
    Cedric the EntertainerReverend
    Edwin HodgeBasketball Teen #1
    Brian PalermoCazwell
    Sarah ZinsserReceptionist
    Tony McEwingAnchorperson
    Ramsey LukeFBI Agent
    Minnie O. BurtonNolan's Volunteer
    John EddingsPolice Officer
    Tameka HolmesChoir #2
    Phil HawnMailman
    Jascha WashingtonTrent Pierce
    Carl WrightBen Rawley
    Starletta DuPoisMiss Patterson
    Nicole PrescottLena
    Tichina ArnoldRitha
    Philip TanKang
    Aldis HodgeBasketball Teen #2
    Brian Paul StuartPrison Doctor
    Sean LampkinCab Driver
    Sean ThibodeauJud
    Rosi RosiNolan's Volunteer
    Rita Fagan-LewisNolan's Volunteer
    Louis Archie ShacklesChoir #1
    Ellis HallOrganist
    J.T. ThibodeauBank Robber